Outstanding Quality English labradors


At Twelvetrees we ask that all potential puppy homes fill out our application. The application helps us to determine whether our puppies are a good match with you, your family and your lifestyle. If we feel that we are a compatible, we will consider you for our reservation list. Please note that our list is not necessarily in order of inquiries received nor does it guarantee you a puppy. Twelvetrees reserves the right to refuse a sale to anyone, for any reason, at any time. We require that all potential puppy homes agree to include the puppy or dog as a family member. All Twelvetrees puppies and dogs are required to live indoors with the family and have outdoor access. We do not allow our puppies or dogs to go to homes to live in kennels, runs or crates. Crates may be used indoors for training purposes for no longer than 3-4 hour periods and maybe used indoors overnight for sleeping and to assist with housebreaking. All our puppies are sold on a AKC limited registration basis. This means they are AKC registered dogs but may not be used for breeding. If they are bred, AKC will not issue a registration number to any of the off spring. They cannot be shown in conformation shows or field trials. They are eligible to be shown in obedience, agility, rally, retriever hunting trials, tracking and they are eligible to become service dogs and may even earn titles. 

People who adopt a Twelvetrees puppy or dog must feed a high quality dog food (4 or 5 stars on the dog food advisor list) or a raw - natural diet. They must agree to a minimally strenuous exercise plan while their puppy is growing up for at least the first year. They must also follow our recommended minimal vaccine protocols and conform to spaying/neutering no earlier than one year of age. We also recommend taking your new puppy/family member to your vet within the first 72 hours of ownership for a vet check. 

Inquiries Welcome

Please contact Diane at her email address: diane@twelvetreeslabs.com or 530-836-0306 for availability.

 Litter planned for 2018

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