I have always had a passion for dogs, particularly the labrador retriever. There are many other fabulous breeds of dogs but it was the labrador that stole my heart when I was a child. I grew up surrounded by them, on my bed, in my kitchen and as part of my family. I have never been without at least one, if not many, under foot. I was raised in a household of dogs and my father was a labrador enthusiast. He bred more of the American Field Trial type for performance with his interest being towards duck hunting. In my early twenties I focused my attention on the English Lab and conformation. I was drawn to their calm demeanor and their gorgeous body style, as well as their working abilities. Back in the late seventies I purchased a lovely yellow boy, “Sam”, out of Sandylands and Lockerbie lines from Marty Rice of Hawkett Labradors in Southern California and thus began my personal journey with the Labrador Retriever. Today I still live with a household of labradors and share my home with them. I don't kennel my dogs as I consider them all family members. 

Here at Twelvetrees we have black, yellow and chocolate labs. We strive to produce the highest quality Labrador Retrievers, all of English type. All Twelvetrees breeding stock is up to date on all health clearances. We focus our attention on a sound, well balanced, multi-purpose dog that is built for conformation and performance with a huge emphasis on temperament. Temperament is what sets Labs apart from all the other breeds. Their kindness of heart, willingness to please and gentle yet out going nature make them one of the best choices as companions for family, hunting, agility and show. Not only should a Labrador be easy to live with and easy to train but they should also be easy on the eyes. It is no wonder that the Labrador Retriever is at the top of the list when it comes to popularity and versatility.

Our home at Twelvetrees is nestled in the heart of Graeagle, California high in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. We are northwest of Lake Tahoe and Reno, Nevada. Twelvetrees is surrounded by mountain peaks, crystal clear lakes and the beautiful Feather River. We are blessed to live on acres and acres of wooded forests with alpine meadows, winter streams and a year round pond for our beautiful labs to play in.

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